6 Website Design Strategies That Can Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Site In 2018


When is the last time that you saw a website with a clearly outdated design appear at the top of Google search results?

If you can even remember this happening, it probably occurred quite some time ago.

Google understands that people want up-to-date content - and do not like to spend time visiting sites with slow, ineffective, and unoriginal designs; furthermore, people who click on outdated sites in search results often quickly leave those sites to elsewhere. So, to win with both people and with search engines, you need your website to appear current. Of course, what "current" means is constantly changing - so, to help present several suggestions for 2018, I interviewed Danny Donovan, Founder & Creative Director at Dsquared Media, who has been involved in creating websites for nearly twenty years, and who has, therefore, witnessed the evolution of web technology and trends. Here are some pointers that he provided:

Use Animated Site Navigation Technology

The first thing that most people notice when they look at a website is its design. Shortly thereafter, they begin to seek whatever it is that they came to the site to find. Site navigation refers to how visitors move around within the site - you want the navigation on your site to be easy, aesthetically pleasing, and attention grabbing - offering a great experience to people while they easily locate that for which they are searching.

As Donovan told me, "There are a number of exciting new ways to deliver great navigation. Replacing the standard website user experience menu with animated navigation technology, for example, allows visitors to experience navigation through 3D slideshows, the fading of one page into another, moving between pages by swiping, and various other modern interfaces and visual experiences." Consider enhancing your site - and your brand image - with this type of new technology.

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