Optimize Images to Reduce Page Weight: File Formats, Tools and RWD


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"Reduce the page weight": here is one of the most usual tips in Dareboost reports. According to HTTP Archive trends, images represent 53% of the average pages weight, whether viewed on desktop or mobile devices. When you want to reduce the weight of your web pages, optimizing images should be at the top of your priorities.

For each image its format

It is not always easy to find the most suitable image format. Take our logo, for example. We could save it in PNG, JPEG, WebP or SVG.
The weight of the images would be very different. An empirical test allows us to visualize it:

In this case, the most suitable format seems to be SVG, followed closely by PNG. It is indeed an image whose colors are plain, non-animated, representing geometric shapes. All these factors tend to favor these two formats.

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