3 Ways to Make Better Use of Your Business Facebook Page


By Matt Doyle, VP and co-founder of Excel Builders.

Every business should take advantage of Facebook's Pages feature. Pages are like a profile just for your business, and there are many reasons you should be using one already. Pages show up on search engines very quickly, so if you are trying to get attention for a new business, a Page is one of the best free ways to create a result that customers can easily find. Also, as customers increasingly look for business information through social media, providing vital service and hour information can save them a lot of frustration.

While most businesses get as far as creating a good source of information, they often go on to treat their Page more like a poster than the hub it could be. Just a few habits can make your Page a hard-working part of your entire marketing effort. Here are five ways that you can make better use of your business' Facebook Page.

Make It a Depot for Your Branding

There are newer and hipper social media platforms than Facebook, but it's still the top choice because it's worked so hard to integrate (sometimes by buying out) the competition. You can post content there from any other social media platforms you're running for your business, from Twitter to Snapchat. These platforms have limits on how you can communicate, but Facebook can host nearly all types of content, including large libraries of images and both long and short messages.

Because of this, Facebook makes a great "depot" for your brand -- a place where you can collect everything that's going to be launched on all of your other social media platforms. Fresh pictures, video and messaging can go to your Page first. Then sent out to more niche platforms based on performance. Take advantage of the option to connect your social media accounts when it's available. That will always save you some work when you want to get a message out.

Respond to Questions/Complaints

Social media is becoming one of the key ways that customers are beginning to communicate with companies. Most frequently, these are customers who haven't been well-served by other customers service means, so they decide to make the dispute public. However, nowadays customers are starting their customer service interactions through social media because they know that method usually gets faster results from more powerful people.

If you create a Page, it will likely start attracting questions and complaints. Take advantage of the opportunity by creating great customer service experiences that everyone can see. Respond to comments left on your Page, whether that includes a quick answer or a promise to make things right fast.

Research Your Customers

If your business is popular, it's not difficult to get a lot of people interacting on your Page. That's a topic for another time, but even if you only have a dozen responses or so a week, you can learn a lot from them. Track the comments on your page to find out what people need most. For example, if you're getting a lot of questions about the same thing, you need to confront it by improving the way customers find information on your page or other services.

In the same way, if you're paying attention, you'll be able to spot other trends. Watch for customer complaints on your Page to find out if you need to modify your pricing, wait times or outreach on special deals.

When You're Done, You'll Have a Community

Follow these three tips, and you'll be easily able to turn your Page into a place where all of your potential clients and customers can find you and the things they want to know. This kind of focus allows you to better position your brand, learn about your customers, respond to questions and gauge consumer excitement better than ever before.

Matt Doyle is the VP and Co-Founder of Excel Builders, a truly unique custom home builder, creating homes that make every day easier.

Original author: Entrepreneur


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